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This page demonstrates the fade transition using text slides. If you're using IE and have ClearType enabled, the text in the slideshow below would normally look downright awful. But Cycle now includes techniques to defeat the ClearType problem. Have a look...

The Cycle Plugin is a ClearType beater!

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jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.
The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a lightweight slideshow plugin. Its implementation is based on the InnerFade Plugin by Torsten Baldes, the Slideshow Plugin by Matt Oakes, and the jqShuffle Plugin by Benjamin Sterling. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and many transition effects. It also supports, but does not require, the Metadata Plugin and the Easing Plugin.
Ok, so if you're using IE7 and you look very closely you will see that the text is aliased during the transition and is corrected immediately after the transition completes. But it's pretty good, eh?

You can opt-out of ClearType corrections by using the cleartype option, but I wouldn't recommend that if you're slides include text or PNGs with alpha transparency.

    cleartype:  false // disable cleartype corrections

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